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i don't feel very loved...

just generally

and in the end are you stronger
do you no longer need to recover

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excited ]

so i was going through amazon.com's upcoming DVD section and i thought i might share with you all (because i am excited and maybe some of you would be too)

March 7th (2 weeks!) Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
April 4th The Chronicles of Narnia (way cool cover art)
May 2nd (seems like forever away) Dinosaurs seasons 1 & 2 (the best show on TGIF)

and for stephanie...
April 4th Dawsons Creek season 6

you know you're totally spazzing about Dinosaurs coming out on dvd ;)
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i realize from the torrents of response i get on this journal that you all read it *sarcasm*

but just incase someone did read it, and was wondering for some reason how my doctor appointment went,
i have a hernia. no surgery yet. but if it doesn't get better (or gets worse), i will need to have surgery.

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[ mood|
amused ]

so everyone knows its hella windy outside [yes i said hella]
i went in to work at 7am this morning and it was a good thing i got in the parkinglot at the same time as this older guy because we both turned the corner to the back of the building (to get in) at the same time and the wind was like 10 times worse than what u see out the window

he was actually behind me pushing me, and then next to me with his arm around my waist pullin me because the wind was so strong i wouldn't have been able to walk against it by myself

we got inside and he started tellin everybody lol it was pretty funny. he was like "its a good thing i filled my pockets full of change this morning!!" and i told mary i was lucky because if he hadn't been there i'd probably STILL be back there trying to fight my way to the door ;)

this post is brought to you by the people-who-try-to-take-their-minds-off-discussing-surgery-with-their-doctor. thankyou
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[ mood|
really really stressed ]

so can i just say that this whole constant anxiety about the hernia is not good for the part of me that wishes to NOT become an alcoholic, because all i want to do right now is get drunk and maybe take an adivan at the same time (because i was feelin pretty good when i accidently did that yesterday)

oh god, i don't want to have surgery..
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[ mood|
fucking FREAKING OUT ]

okay i'm really stressed out right now because it's about 98% possible that i have a [abdominal] hernia.

the past like 2 weeks or so i've been having problems with my stomach, where it feels like things are moving around when they're not supposed to be, and i just got off the phone with my doctor and he told me that i shouldn't worry too much if i'm not in pain (which i'm not) but it still needs to get checked out [which will happen on friday]

i wwas reading about it online and there was a tiny list of causes for hernia and it was like
-poor nutrition
-heavy lifting
all cause depletion of abdominal muscles

so i'm like great i've got 3 out of 4, not to mention that i have basically no body fat so my body is eating away at my muscle, hence a hernia (hole in the muscle)

i'm really really stressed out and its making me feel sick...
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[ mood|
euch ]

well here i am. i'm supposed to be at work but i'm home early because my stupid weight makin me feel like i'm gonna pass out any second. i'm so sick of this shit.

and they cut hours, too, and they actually cut mine (they ever do cuz i work so little anyway). so now i don't have to work til tuesday night and that is fine with me because it gives me an extra day to sit and try to gain a little weight... argh
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[ mood|
happy ]

[ music | Down We Fall - Drake Bell ]

i have the BEST boyfriend EVER

(^linkage 2 bigger pic)
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[ mood|
devious ]

well this morning sucked because i had such a terrible stomach ache but then it got better

Dean came over with his tools and helped my dad fix the front door (or maybe i should say my dad helped HIM fix the front door).... i gotta say i'm sorry i couldn't help but DAMN i liked watchin ;)

and i keep asking myself... what on earth did i do to get myself such a hunk of a boyfriend ;)
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