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another fantastic song by Lily Allen

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Everyone's At It

I don't know much but I know this for certain
That that is the sun pokin' it's head 'round the curtain
So please can we leave, i'd like to go to bed now
It's not just the sun that is hurtin' my head now
I'm not tryin' to say that i'm smelling of roses
But when will we tire of puttin' shit up our noses
I don't like stayin' up, stayin' up past the sunlight
It's meant to be fun and this just doesn't feel right

I get involved but i'm not advocating
Got an opinion, yeah you're well up for slating
So you've got a prescription, and that makes it legal
I find your excuses overwhelmingly feeble
You go to the doctor, you need pills for sleeping
Well if you can convince him, then I guess that's not cheating
So your daughter's depressed, we'll get her straight on the prozac
But little do you know, she already takes crack

Why can't we all, all just be honest
Admit to ourselves that everyone's on it
It's one: politicians. It's the other: adolescents
Prescribin' themselves anti-depressants
And how can we start to tackle the problem
If you don't put your hands up and admit that you're on them
The kids are in danger, they're all getting habits
From what i can see, everyone's at it
Everyone's at it

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