another fantastic song by Lily Allen

Everyone's At It

I don't know much but I know this for certain
That that is the sun pokin' it's head 'round the curtain
So please can we leave, i'd like to go to bed now
It's not just the sun that is hurtin' my head now
I'm not tryin' to say that i'm smelling of roses
But when will we tire of puttin' shit up our noses
I don't like stayin' up, stayin' up past the sunlight
It's meant to be fun and this just doesn't feel right

I get involved but i'm not advocating
Got an opinion, yeah you're well up for slating
So you've got a prescription, and that makes it legal
I find your excuses overwhelmingly feeble
You go to the doctor, you need pills for sleeping
Well if you can convince him, then I guess that's not cheating
So your daughter's depressed, we'll get her straight on the prozac
But little do you know, she already takes crack

Why can't we all, all just be honest
Admit to ourselves that everyone's on it
It's one: politicians. It's the other: adolescents
Prescribin' themselves anti-depressants
And how can we start to tackle the problem
If you don't put your hands up and admit that you're on them
The kids are in danger, they're all getting habits
From what i can see, everyone's at it
Everyone's at it

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lol funny

phone convo w/ my mom this morning:

Me: oh! i know what i want for christmas
Mom: okay hold on let me get a pen.... okay go
Me: an HP Touchsmart computer
Mom: H..P... wait, why the hell am i writing this down??
Me: *laughing*
Mom: You're not getting one before i get one!

i feel sick... and angry..

i don't feel so good right now, i'm kinda nauseous... i've been in a bad mood for a while, which is unfortunate, i guess...

after i found out about the endometriosis and the whole 140-pounds thing, i got kinda proactive and lost 3 pounds in a week. but since then i've just been stuffing my face and i'm pretty sure i gained back more than 3 pounds... i know it's my fault, but i'm still upset about it.. i need to stop but i feel like i can't. i've been binge eating every day for more than 2 years, and it's upsetting to know that i weigh almost twice as much now than i did 2 years ago.. i feel like i'm gonna throw up, and i kinda wish i would...

i didn't have to work today, so dean and i put up the xmas tree. why the hell do stores sell christmas ornaments with NO HOOKS???? i don't fucking understand that. we had to drive to wegmans to get some. i'm gonna try and put pics up here. if my SD card will ever load.

we drove to lollypop farm today, pretty sure we were lost and then BOOM there it was. thank god. pretty much right after i said "okay now we're in Egypt". i'm suprised they had no puppies, but i guess those would go fast IF they had them. i felt bad for all the grown up dogs and the cats that looked so sad. if Dean ever let me have a cat, though, i'd rather just bring Xander here. i miss my baby... The smell of the dog cages was so bad, though, i was like choking.

He still hasn't come around to the name "Koga". which i think would be a fuckin awesome name for a yellow lab. But i won't give up. He doesn't have to know the name came from a cartoon i watch (Inuyasha). Doesn't matter where it came from, its a good name for a dog.

this is probably boring, i'm just trying to distract myself. i get so grumpy when we go places lately. i just get angry. it's so easy for me to get angry lately because i'm so miserable about myself... i just wanna scream " I GET IT, YOU'RE THIN AND BEAUTIFUL. I DONT WANT TO SEE IT ANYMORE, GO THE HELL AWAY" at certain people i see... i'd pretty much give anything to be 88 pounds again, right now.

well this was long and probably boring and noone probly even read this far. if u did, then thanks... i guess i'd better go to bed now so i can get up and deal with bitchy people on the phone


well, i need atleast ONE new icon. and it fit my mood of the moment. i'm tired of the whole "trying to move out" thing. i don't understand why trying to live with my boyfriend has to be so fucking difficult.

i found a place that i realy like, that i can realistically afford, and i have my parents telling me to look into it cuz its a real good deal, and i have others telling me to be weary of it and to look into something different. then i have othres *cough*dean*cough* trying to "educate" me about other things that i will need to pay for along with the mortgage/rent

all i want, besides living with Dean, is for someone to talk to me like they don't think i'm a fuckin idiot

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alex brought me this super cool audrey hepburn mini pillow from scotland :D SO cute

but yeah i am ready for today to be over.
ready to see Dean :)
yeah i know i talk about him a ton but i can't help it
and i don't care if it annoys people


music tagging

The rules: List five songs that you are currently loving. It doesn't matter what genre they are from, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions, the artists, and the songs in your blog. Then tag five other blogging friends to see what they're listening to.

Telegraph - Drake Bell such a nice jazzy sweet slow song. even though its about breaking up i love it. the harmony is just sweet.
Somehow - Drake Bell i know it sounds like its about a woman in an abusive relationship but its one of those songs that especially the chorus gets into your head and you're singing it all day long
Your Body Is A Wonderland - John Mayer i love this song. its just great. and the video is hot.
3x5 - John Mayer it makes me smile
Circles - Drake Bell its a cool upbeat summer kind of song
In The End - Drake Bell okay i know this is 6 songs but this song is too good to leave out.

yeah i know, its not 5 different singers like Corey's list, but this is all i've been listening to. John Mayer on my mp3 player at work, and Drake Bell at home/in the car.

i'm not tagging people. they can do this if they want but i'm not in the mood to continue a chain-game [especially when people get annoyed when you tag them sometimes]